Why Personality Development

What is personality development and why you need it?

One key of success is personality development.

What you do everyday...count. Things change...when you change.

So if you wish to succeed you must have a successful personality too.

Everybody know successful people have a lot of money.

So if you have money you are success. That perception is okay for me.

Everybody says it needs some money to earn more money.

Now the question is

  • How to succeed in life?

  • Like everybody said it needs some money to earn more money.

  • How to succeed if not have enough money?

  • Is it a Chicken or Egg situation?

And the answer is

  • Think of what you can do...first.

  • Do what you can.

  • Focus on developing yourself.

  • Discipline to do self-improvement without any supervision.

  • When you improve your personal quality your quality of life will change too.

Let's try this tiny step:

  • Think of what you can do before you start scrolling your phone screen in trance.

  • Remember this tips when you lost control and flow in a deep trance scrolling your screen.

  • When in trance pause a moment and try this one minute mindfulness to get focus.

And you will see, tiny steps everyday make a giant leap of your life quality someday.

You see, personality development is like building a tower of smaller blocks.

How high the tower is depends on you who decide.