one minute mindfulness meditation

AN EASY MEDITATION you can do anytime
and get rid-of

One minute mindfulness meditation helped a lot when we are stressed in our mind. We could meditate to ease our mind so we can think more clearly. Many things in our mind not based of clear thinking, it usually about fear, anxiety and worry for things that not yet happen.

Meditation for one minute is one thing we can do to relieve us from high tension daily without wasting too much our precious time in life. We can think more clearly after our anxiety racing mind begin to spin down a bit.

One minute mindfulness is an easy meditation we can do to manage our stress. Like perhaps when you are at work, your project or job deadlines are too quick, you work in the crash program again for three weeks in a row. You are very busy working, but nothing done.

And then get back home, want to have some relaxation, but your spouse needs your help, so you can’t get the relaxation time you want. And then maybe your kids want to play with you.

Or might be your opinion is contrary to colleagues or even with the Boss, so you do the project or the job deadlines without your passion.

Maybe you are an entrepreneur who works at home, tension is not free either. Instead of working in a great and perfect working station, which is disturbance free, like many so called successful people who shared their pic on the web.

In reality, as a beginner, who might be forced to work from home, or you just got kicked out from your old company. And no new company receives you as their new employee, because you are a little bit exceeding the number of young adult ages, just a little twenty years bit away from their maximum age requirement.

You have to work on the dining table, in the sofa, on the floor, or wherever the area in your home which is not disturbance free.

You met many interruptions which can distract you easily. And you lose your attention and focus on what you are trying to do at the moment. I bet you know what I mean.

Easy for us to get out of control when in stress but we don’t realise it. We think it is just a matter of our personality as normal humans. So we behave naturally that way.

I used to be like that. But things changed when I read, became interested, learned, and practiced mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the power of now. Live present. At the moment. It is some sort of meditation, but i think mindfulness is easier for me to do.

I can meditate one minute mindfulness anytime anywhere. I don't have to do a meditation position like I saw in the movie. One minute mindfulness can be done in any position to relieve me from my stress.

I can do meditation while i sit or lie down in bed. Or maybe I just pause for a moment. Breath in, breath out, for one minute and put my mind and attention to concentrate on my breathing activity only.

Then after one minute mindfulness meditation done, i continue to the thing i have to do.
I am still the same person who do the thing i have to do. The only difference is i do it with no more stress in my mind.

Doesn’t matter to me whether to inhale with my nose and exhale with my mouth, or inhale exhale with nostrils only. I'm not trying to be a yogi master or meditation guru either.

I am just looking for calmness, a peace of mind and gain my focus back to the moment, fast.

I just need to be calm and let go of what happened before me and throw away other thoughts which are in the future which have nothing to do with the situation I am facing at the moment.

I must bring my attention and concentration back to the situation at the moment. Before i decide or talk to someone, or as my response due to others acts to me.

I am just looking for a peace of mind, before i do something, which i think could bring impact for me personally and the person whom I contact with.

And one minute mindfulness meditation is an action I can do easily to relieve my stress, instantly. So i can behave in much better action for the goodness of me and others around me.

Because I act as precise as i could, based on every situation at the moment. No more no less. No worry about yesterday and nlofear about tomorrow. Act Just as it is at the moment.

Remember the steps noted below. Because better to close your eyes for relaxing your mind and do meditation one minute mindfulness to relieve your stress instantly:

Sit, or lie down in a stable and relax position

    1. Breath in breath out normally, feel your breath.

    2. Your mind will be wandering, let it wander, then slowly bring it back to notice your breath.

    3. Try to keep your attention to feel the detail of your breathing activity at the moment.

    4. Feel the air come into your nostrils your lungs your belly and then come out.

    5. Just relax and put your attention only to breath in breath out. Be present at the moment.

    6. Concentrate and hold your attention on your breathing activity for one minute.

    7. When one minute is done, feel the sensation in your heart and mind.

    8. And after that, continue to do what you have to do before one minute mindfulness meditation, or

    9. You can extend one minute mindfulness meditation to relieve your stress, instantly.

Well, that's it.

You can try it. And perhaps you would like to tell me about the sensation you feel, afer you do one minute mindfulness meditation to relieve the stress and ease your mind.