one simple act boost your

got out of dead-broke
and lack of self-confidence
I found out one simple act
to overcome shyness
and boost self-confidence

Confident people start with
believing in themselves and t
hey get the success they seek

When they do something
they are confident
in their ability to do that thing.

Despite the result. They have won a step ahead.
They have some confidence level.

And take action without hesitation.

I learned about that the hard way back then
So many opportunities I got were lost
due to my own lack of confidence.

So I try not to overthink about the result
with too many what if
s scenario.

Because in achieving goals confidence is one of the keys.
And too many what ifs bring us fear and worry.

Everybody says the hardest part to gain confidence
is to believe in self ability to take the first step of action.

Which means I have to get out of my comfort zone...

so i don't try to step out too far...just a little bit out.

I started with feel good about myself

and believe in my own ability to succeed to get the result.

It makes me feel more confident to do new things.

The feeling of believing in myself pushes me to do the act and succeed!

And you see, strangely the success gives greater self confidence for me to repeat the act or

to do another new act which pull me out

a little bit further from my false comfort zone!

So, maybe you would give it a try too.

Just a little eye contact with your colleague

when you are having a conversation will bring you

further step to leveling your self-confidence up!

You don't have to try to have the eye contact as your first trying


But whatever you want to be confident at, you just do that thing.

It gives you positive feedback of winning experience

to boost your confidence to do more things.

If you need to boost your confidence, fast. Try this:

if you are a man, try push-up 200x

If you are a woman, try wall-sitting for 1 minute 35 second.

Can you do that today?...*maybe not*

But what about if you start to do

whatever repetitions you got today.

Then you do it again and again and again

in the next two days interval. the next four months...

will you be able to do that? ...*must be yes*

You see, it simply starts with a thought in your mind.

Start to believe you can do it...

before you begin to take any must take.

Act as if you are confident!

You know the beauty of your mind is

Your mind only believes what you tell it.

So, you could try to tell your mind you are confident

and you will gain more confidence in the execution.

That extraordinary mind will then do as you tell it.

Yet remember...great things need time.

If you can't push-up 200x or wall-sit 1,35 minutes today.

You can start with 5 push-ups or 5 second wall-sits for the start...

and increase it gradually.

Do each exercise at a two days interval

till you reach 200x push-ups and 1,35 second wall-sit [or do wall-sit only].

I know you can do that, because I did that way too.

I used to be in the bottom-rock pit of my life.

And you can guess how about my confidence at that down time.

I started to regain my life by building my self-confidence.

I tell myself, I am alive, I still have things to do.

And I don't want to get buried with circling thoughts...

still racing in my mind.

So, I made a decision. I have to rebuild my self-confidence and

start to do 200x push-ups and 1.35 minute wall-sit

as my target achievement.

I started push-ups with 10 reps, and wall-sit for 10 second,

and I increased it everyday

till I reached 200xs push-ups and 1,35 wall-sit.

And it works.

So, for the wrap up of this story of confidence.

To get rid of shyness and boost the self-confidence you seek.
Perhaps would be better if you can try to practice it a bit.

  • Start with just some small steps out of your comfort zone.

  • Try do one thing you always wanted to do in righteousness.

  • Act as if you are confident person.

  • Think about the successful of the thing you do.

  • Take some push-ups or wall-sitting exercise.

  • Forget about the what ifs result.

  • Focus on your action steps you prepared to do.

  • Forget about old days experience.

  • Everyday we have new opportunity to be better person

  • Do eye contact when having conversation in person.

When things back to the normal situation
and we are out of of this uncertain time
try to have
shake hands with a firm grip.

You see, success starts with believing in your own ability.
Imagine yourself doing thing you will be doing
before you start to do tha
t thing.
See you are successfully do the things you want to do

And when you have done the first act...celebrate!

Because you are one step closer to your succees.

And you have a good of courageous
to step a little bit out of your comfort zone

You are begin your journey
to be a person with confidence
as you always wanted to be…

And people who know you will be amazed with
your new high self-esteem
...a new confident you...

...because you deserve success too.

I truly believe the effectiveness of A Self Help First.
Because, i’ve been in the bottom-rock pit and
no one could help me out of the pit except my GOD and me.

Well, what do you think?