Forget depressed

keep hustle till you out of broke

Forget depressed...pause a moment to pray...keep hustle till you out of broke. How many more years do your spouse and kids have to wait?

To live in broke is a misery. I know how it feels when I have no cash and need to provide food for the family.

Being confused about what to do, where to go, whom to meet, to ask for help.

Maybe your family can’t help you no more, because you have been financially broke for too long. They are not rich enough to help and they have to take care their own family too.

Quit circling around heading nowhere. Stay home for a while. Until your mind spins down a bit and you can think more clearly.

Pray together before you sleep every night. Day in day out. May the peace be with you and family.

Never go back to the same place which you have always been before you get financially broke. It won’t bring any good for you either.

Especially in your current financial situation. Which is broke.

If you urgently need cash and have to ask for help, go to your friends who seem to have the capability to help you for a moment.

Put your face skin as thick as the Rhino, ask for help.

After getting help from any friend, make note in your heart for he is the friend you have. And you payback the help later.

Then wake up, arise, go hustle and this time do the hard efficient work in the right way.

It is hard to change your financial situation if you are the same person as before.

You are the answer of all your prayers.

Remember, your kids believe you can provide all their needs.
Be proud and smile, it brings you peace of mind.

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