Effective Communication

Effective communication in digital age

Is when people involved in the effective communication process understand what is being presented at the moment.

World changes so fast. Technology faster. People are always in a hurry.

We are in the era of digital age where to have an effective communication means

say what you want to say in a simple, clear, complete, and including all that necessary.

Simply put,

When you talk

  • The person who you are talking to understands what you talk about.

When you listen

  • You understand the meaning of what you listen to before you reply.

How to communicate effectively?

This question is too broad to be answered.

Because how you communicate depends on:

  • What event you are in,

  • Whom do you talk to,

  • Why you communicate.

The way you talk to your lover, spouse, kids or family is not the same with

the way you talk to your business relations, colleagues, managers, or chairman.

But the principle of effective communication is the same.

All parties involved in the communication understand the message clearly.

We have Two Ears One Mouth

If you are in a conversation

  • Actively listening.

  • Be neutral and open minded.

  • Do not prejudice, let them talk, and we listen, the decision is ours.

  • Put attention, focus and concentration only to your listening.

  • Bring your travelling mind back to the moment when you are listening.

  • Listen to understand before you reply instead of listening just to reply.

  • Appreciate the person you talk to. Hold your interruption and let the talk be finished first.

  • Turn off phone notifications while listening.

  • Unless it is needed during conversation put your phone away from the sight.

  • Talk straight to the point.

  • If you can not fulfill what is being asked, just say no.

  • Say what you wanna say...clearly.

So, think before you talk, listen to understand and reply in a clear way.

That's what i think of effective communication.

What about yours?