A Tale of
work from home

Work from home
the expectation and the truth

Alarm rings. .. John awake and shocked it is 7.30 am.
He jumps out of the bed, take a shower, get dress, have a little breakfast, and by 7.59 am, John leave to his office.

8 AM sharp. John has properly dressed with daily office wear, and prepared to go to work from home.
He sits on the backyard table and put the laptop on the table to do the work.
But he kn
ew it's gonna be a long hour of sitting time, so he did little stretching for the muscle and the bone of his back.

5 minute later, done with streching. 8.05 AM.
His eyes are staring at the laptop and ready to give his best shot, working from home.

‘Ting tong’ the front door bell rang. Since the spouse is nurturing their little kids, so John has to arise from the chair and open the front door.

It is a wrong package delivery. And the package man asks John where the right address is located. After giving some info about the right address which is 5 more left turns and 7 right turns away from his home to the package-man,
John went back to sit on his chair. Ready to type and do some work. He plugs the laptop power cable to the socket, push the power button on.
When the screen is ready, John starts to open the mail and checks to
-do-list for the things that need to be done today.

“John.. turn on and watch news tv now, hurry!, breaking news my friends told me”
His wife is just yelling and asking him to watch tv for the breaking news.
So John moves from the working chair and turns on the tv to watch what kind of breaking news. It is about the black
-hole in the center of a galaxy far far away.

“Scientists finally can take real photoshots of the black-hole”.
John watched the news for some minutes
. And then he clicks the remote, looking for other breaking news channel.

John watch some more news channels, before realise that it is the distraction.
He is working from home and watching tv at the productive hour is one kind of distraction.
So John decided to turn off the tv and get back to his chair to do the work.

John says to himself: I just got distracted. Got to put back my mind into work.
But I lost my focus now. Must check my tweets for a while, to g
ain my focus back to the work.

John opened his Twitter account, checking notifications, wondering who replied, liked or retweeted his tweets.
Then after he replied to all those tweets to build engagement they said. John taps his "Home" icon to check what is going on with the world and places near his living town.

John scrolls, reads, laughs, replies, scrolls, reads, angry, scrolls, reads, comments, scrolls. And keep scrolling. Soon enough he got trance in scrolling, just like a "Scrolling Stone"

After some time had gone, John awakened that he was working from home. So he checks Instagram to see if there are any potential customers he could find from Instagram.

He logged in to Instagram, and start scrollin, scrollin, scrollin Instagram,
and gets his mind
-boggling, his eyes been captivated with flattened abs, rountded taned-butter and biggi boonis, with blonde, red, black and brunette topping.
So John does more intesify and trance scrolling, changed the device from smartphone into his wider screen laptop. Looking for "potential customers" to do the pitching.
The more he scrolled, the more biggie boonies he got. Suddenly John is awake and realise he is working from home.
But at that time he was so lost in focus.
So he says to himself
, "I got to be clear my mind from perfect rounded butter, bigi boonis rounded butter. I must really do the work-from-home"

He start to explores hashtags: motivationalquotes, inspirational quotes, motivation, inspiration, motivational hustle, hard work, workfromhome, etc..

John got highly motivated this time. He commits to do the real hustle and hardwork even he workfromhome. He started to do the grind by doing some scroll, scroll, scroll and more scrolls, like a scrolling stone until it was 12 pm. Time for lunch.

So John breaks for a while and has his lunch with his spouse and kids.

After Lunch. John sip black coffee and check his mail.
He got some mails from The Motivation Guru, The WorkFromHome Master, The Master Jedi of The Universe Teacher.
And also as his daily routine, he cheks newsletters and many other marketing tips like these:

“How to be rich from home, with no money, without mlm, spam, scam,chain letters and the beauty of the best of this business is you can be rich without having to do any work at all, you do not even have to get up from your bed!” ..


“Run autopilot autoplane autolock autobot business target market 24/7/365, click one time and go to atm and withdraw money eveyday for the rest of your life!”

So John read the emails, clicks the links, watches the promotional videos, checks facebook groups each and all of them.
And while he is in facebook, he always discipline himself to carefully observe another
bigi-boonis tight and round taned-butters with many color topping as his everyday habit.

Then after satisfied watching bigi-boonis taned-butter, John started to work on his unfinished tasks that appeared in his loo..oong to-do-list.
But he sa
ys to himself, got to clear my mind from those rounded things. So John searches for 9Gag, and more cool and funny videos shared on facebook, instagram, tik-tok and youtube.

Then after some time of laughing, he decided to start and do the work at his laptop.

“Pong, pong” Whatsapp chat notifications appear and vibrate John’s smartphone.
He picked up and read the messages.
It was Jim
, old buddy, chat about the old event which happened 3 decades ago.
John's mind recalling his memory and replies the chat, video call and they both are laughing in nostalgia and chat about their old lost friends.

After some time, John realised he has to work his to-do-list. So asks Jim politely to quit the chat. And after the whatsapp chat finished.
John started to work
by browsing with his smartphone. He browse the global news from cnn, bbc, cnbc, scmp,dw, reuters, bloomberg, wsj, nyt, website,blogs,youtube, live streams and the local news too just wanted to know about what is happening today in this world.

After reading so much “positive” news from the internet, he started to go back to the laptop and get ready to work. The alarm rings... John looked at his wall clock. Time is 5 pm now.
Work from home time's up, continue tomorrow. John says to himself.

John gets up of his chair, sip some coffee, for coffee-time they said.
relaxing himself from the stress of working from home.
Today he already did the hustle and hardwork. John had work-from-home.
So now is the time to prepare for dinner with wife and kids. To get a WorkLifeBalance,
they said.
John adds another new "
to-do" for tomorrow, at the bottom of his to-do-list; “Do the work”
Which is precisely the same with the other 300+ lines in the to
-do-list above.

And that's it.

A tale of work from home, the expectancy and the truth.