Is blogging dead 2020


Answering is blogging dead in 2020 here some Blogging facts

  • 31+ million bloggers from the USA only.

  • With 328+ million population means
    almost 1 in 10 USA people have blogs for blogging!

Let alone 600 million blogs from 1.7 billion websites
from around the world nowadays.

In around May 2020 Blogger, a Google blogging platform upgraded and
powered with new responsive web ability to edit the blog on-the-go.

So for me it is a sign blogging is still worth it for business.

While there are many blogging platforms
you can choose from:
Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, AchorCMS
and other blogging platforms.

No matter what blogging platform you use,
blogging could be dead in 2020
if your blog has no visitor and zero growth at all.

In this blogging business nowadays
Many bloggers get paid $2,000 /mo for writing blogs.

How does that money sound?
Is it proof of a dying business prospect?

Is blogging dead?

Based on those facts above,
blogging is not dead for me.

And through my own experience
when I use the internet,

I prefer to read blogs than
any other social media.

Because I use the internet
to solve my problems instead of creating ones.

And I found useful content in blogs, youtube,

But Blogging in 2020 is not the same old days.

Google is so human now.
Can we do the old tips to write a new blog post,
put as many keywords as you can in white ink color,
to get page 1 in Google search results?

Mama mia... No...amigo.

Try it for yourself to search for anything you want in google
and see the displayed results. It is like google can read our mind.
The results is almost so match with what we look for
[depend on what word you type in search box]

Are blogs popular?

You see, in 2020 there are

  • 600 million blogs

  • 1.7 billion websites

  • 3.5 billion in google search daily.

And when you search in Google...
What are the page one results there?
Most of them are blog posts!

So, what you think of its popularity
...still popular? or forgotten?

Maybe the next question is

How to make a blog popular?

To make your blog popular
try to write trending current issues.

And then promote your blog post.
But these topics will be targeted by other bloggers too.

If your blog is for business,
might be better to plan it before
you start blogging.

For the long run growth use

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Because it takes some time to get indexed
and appear in Google search results.

And for the faster results at the start
use marketing budget for

  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing

which means optimize your keyword to promote with

  • google ads

  • facebook ads

  • twitter ads

  • linkedin ads if you post about business


Promote your blog posts on social media.

  • Post link to your blog on twitter, instagram, facebook,linkedin

  • Make pin to share your blog post on Pinterest

Whatever social media you choose,
write good content worth sharing.

Easy to say, write good content worth sharing.

But what is good content?

If you say solving a problem is good content,
have you ever got shared from your friends?

Did the content shared solve your problem?

Not many if any..i guess.

So whatever content you write
It has to have readers who are willing to read and
perhaps share or even backlink to your post.

Alright then, what about relevancy?

Are blogs still relevant in 2020?

Just like any business in the real world.
Some made a huge fortune.
Some went to the ditch.

Skillful Bloggers get $2,000 per month,
or per post!

Some of them earn millions of dollars per year.
Usually big companies blogger who
earn that millions from blogs.

But...some of them started as personal bloggers
way back then several years or a decade ago.

Though many blogs fail and become abandoned blogs.

Just like any other business,
nothing's personal.

Business as usual.
Selected by nature.

Now, what about profit

Is blogging profitable?

$2,000 monthly income not profitable for you?

How about $20,000? $50,000?

If you treat your blog as starting a business
Sky is your income ceiling.

But sure like any business you have to learn about it
and if you build it from scratch, gonna take 5-6 years
to achieve that stage of income.

6 years is too long for you? Fine, try another business.
You don't have to build a blog though.

In my mind, to work hard for 6 years and then
can work from anywhere in the world
with passive income...worth for trying.

And worth learning seriously.

Though to arrive at that stage
we have to have a lot of blog visitors. A lot!

Popularity and income from your blogs

will Depends on your target audiences

You see, most of the time I use internet for business
I prefer to read blogs than have to login to social media.

But I guess for teenagers and young adults
youtube, instagram is way more funky to them.

While I write about is blogging dead in 2020 question
some thoughts went through in my mind about blogging
and here
the questions i noted:

Do you know who your blog audience is?

If you blog for teenagers and young adults.
Maybe you should try instagram.

But the question would expand to.
How much money
are you willing to burn by facebook ads
to get instagram readers?

Since I knew it hides likes from people...
then how will our blogs get read by friends
of people who liked our blogs?

And, what if someone reports our blog
then the account that was built for years,
suddenly gets terminated?

Can you handle that situation?

That’s one of my considerations
before I start blogging.

Also, I write about my experience in
getting rich from dead-broke...

Not so many teenagers related to
this kind personal experience of writing I guess.

So I choose to share my story in blog. From Blogger.

Why did I choose Blogger?

Simply because it is powered by Google! ;p

Yes sure, Blogger android app today is
way far left behind than Wordpress. The Giant.

Still I can use its Blogger new
responsive webapp.

So, it won't be a hassle for me any more
to edit the blog on-the-go.

Alright now, back to the audience…

if you know who your audience is.

What kind of blog are you gonna make?

Have you thought about it?

Or you just buy domain, host your blog...

And start writing your passion
then dreaming its gonna get
1 million readers
per month...

But suddently...the reality bites!

You began to realise...

Not so many people read your blogs.
And when they read.
they just leave and...
never come back.

So the doubt and fear
begin to sneak inside your mind.

You start to ask…

Am I too late to start a blog in 2020?

Is blogging still relevant?

Is it blogging still profitable?

And more and more questions...
Circling around...
in your mind.

Calm down friend...

Blogging Is Alive!
It is not dead.

Many bloggers get $1,000, $20,000 even $M...

And like other business in the real world, a lot of bloggers are failed too most of them can hardly get $100 per year from blogging.

Is blogging oversaturated?

Blogging is saturated yes but not oversaturated. Especially the current situation that requires us to get used to the new normal after we struggle through the uncertain time.

Like any business with saturated market it is not easy to have a popular blog nowadays.

We must learn how to write blogs and get read by thousands of visitors. So we can monetize the blogs.

When we get money from the blog.
Instead of have doubt in the future of blogging we think about how to increase the stream of passive income from our blogs.

It is not too late to start a blog.


Because there are people
who prefer to get information by reading
instead of watching videos or selfies photos.

And there will be people who
love to read before going to bed
or in the spare time they have.

We just have to learn how to get our blogs in front of our right audience.

Blogging in 2020

is way much different from a decade ago and shockingly there are many blogs write about how to make money blogging with the tips and tricks that worked 20 years ago.

So as the new blogger we must discern what we read and not just copy verbatim each instruction we read from the blogs.

How to grow a blog in 2020

  • Clearly define from the beginning what is your blog about. In saturated market we can not stand out if we blog as the generic blog did.

  • Build email list from the start to keep in touch with your blog visitors.

  • Promote your blog with long term and short term strategy.

  • Have enough budget to use at promotion and some blogging necessities tools

You see, many successful bloggers built their blogs for years before they harvesting passive income stream from their blogs.

Only when their fruits have come from their hard work they can stop writing blogs for several months or even one year and still get paid for it!

Do these awesome people ever have some doubt in their minds about the question of blogging or make a living as Blogger?

Well, I guess...

Maybe not...

How to start a blog