How to make a blog and make money blogging

How to make a blog

If you want to learn how to make a blog, better for you to know it from the start.

There are two types of bloggers in the world, those who write blog about their passion... and working hard... days and nights.

And those who work from home... write blog... and get paid for it.

I learned the hard way on how to make a blog.

So I share how to write a blog... the right way... from the start.

So you can master on How to make money blogging.

Before you create a blog, ask yourself:

  • Why do you blog?

  • Who are your blog readers?

  • If you wish to earn money what is your plan?

Answer those little questions before you start a blog.
You see, it is easy to make a blog,

  • pick a blogging platform

  • buy domain name

  • point your domain name to your blog.

What not easy is answering those three little questions.

And for the ways to make money, is not hard too.
You can search all pages in Google search.
Most of them will always give you the same answer:

Displaying Ads with Google Adsense, Ezoic
Virtual Assistant
Online Course

How to make money blogging

With 3.5 Billion searched in Google per day in 2020,

no wonder bloggers get profit from that gigantic cake.

So if there are some bloggers ask you about, is blogging still relevant in 2020, or is blogging dead in 2020. You can help them to decide with this simple answer:

Is blogging dead 2020 is fixed, if your blog has no readers and zero growth at all.

Search no more for: Is blogging dead 2020 or why is blogging dead in 2020, 2019,2018,2017
it has been answered by the above sentence. Bloggind dead 2020 is fixed.

With the presence of all social media today, is blogging still relevant in 2020?

How does $2,500 blogger's income from writing blog per month, each month...
sound for you?

Many bloggers reach that level of income from blogging, many.

Some people weren't satisfied by the answer and researched more.
They searched is blogging dead quora. You will get so many pros and cons
for the question: is blogging dead 2020.

Perhaps in the google search the question had been around several years before,
is blogging dead 2017. The answer is clear and apparently blogging is not dead.

In 2018 people also asked is blogging dead 2018. Even they asked in reddit,
the question is blogging dead reddit, is blogging dead in 2018 reddit. But the bloggers kept going through the year 2018 and grew bigger. While some of them kept asking the same, is the blogging dead?

Just last year the question still similar is blogging dead in 2019.

Some bloggers who just blogged in 2019 with dream, hope and ambition

to be the next blogger of the year. Who retire young and retire rich.

By becoming a professional blogger.

Then suddenly they realised.. there were only 3 visitors who came to their blog:

their girlfriends, their mom and their grandma.

Soon they started to think and asked google, is blogging dead 2019.

They even collect the answers from real people forums too.

They asked: is blogging dead 2019 reddit.

I am just curious, why don't they ask direct to: Wordpress, Blogger, Twitter, Linkedin ...

The fact, today, we are in 2020 and Millions blog posted everyday.

If you eager to make money writing a blog.

Like other business which make money, your blog needs to be promoted too.

Do more marketing your blog posts

To grow your small blog and become big. to Fulfill your dreams, hopes and ambitions.

  • Schedule 90% of your working time to market your blog posts and 10% for writing high quality content.

  • Buy the cheapest website domain name with 90% discounted price too and start your new way of blogging in 2020.

  • With Billion+ Dollars market shares. Content marketing is worth to be learned and learn it well. [Yes. It was a B not typo. B for Billion. not Million]

That's it.