who Blogging

for a living

You, a blogger?

What would you do, if you have learned hard to make a decision, for Five years,

whether to start your own blogging enterprise or not.

And finally, you got the gut to pick a name for your blog, decided to do blogging for a living.

You had decided to pour out what’s on your mind to the blog,

  • to chase and to live your dream,

  • to become the million dollar earner...the elite blogger.

You started to write about things of your passion.

You write in the early morning before sunrise until late after midnight, every single day.

Since writing is your passion, it didn’t hurt you to work for 60-70 hour per week.

While you write the blog with the burning heart, highly motivated by
the power of your ambition and passion,

you dream...and you wonder...

what is your life gonna be like that day,

when you read your name at New York Times in a super massive headline.


Then you check google analytics for new and returning visitors to your blog.

Google says your blog gained 3 clicks for the last 3 months.

How do you react with that stone cold analytics fact?

Will you still blogging for a living?

Should you continue to make a living from writing a blog as a blogger?

Are you sure blogging and earn money as a blogger is your calling?

Or, should you change the job, sell the laptop, disconnect the internet, apply to be a bodyguard, or a night club bouncer in your city?

Perhaps go fishing for a while in Galapagos island, Or swim in The Bermuda Triangle

to look for the inspiration of how to get your blog read by new visitors everyday,

and have more than 3 clicks for the next 3 months?

There are so many things which were racing or popping in your mind to be poured out.

You worked so hard to structure the post, make the TOC, and so on from your racing mind.

Only to find in your google analytics your blog has 3 impressions for the last 3 months.

So, I am just curious, If you a blogger or a writer who do blogging for living.

What are you going to do?

When the passion you have is only to be a blogger,
what will you do to face that hard stone cold fact of reality?

Flash back to the day you started blogging.
There was a wide smile in your face, with the expectation that you are the one,
who New York Times wrote in the super massive first page Headline:
"The New JK Rowling Is Born" with your close-up picture as the main picture, full-page.

But in reality, your blog had only 3 clicks in the last 3 month.

How do you handle the situation?

Perhaps, its time to do more marketing your blogpost than just adding your blog with constant writing like other “blog gurus” said.

“Have an iron man discipline”,

“do Consistent blog writing everyday”. They said.

Well, imho, what can you expect from consistent writing,

if your blog has only 3 clicks for the last 3 months?

Now to do that marketing,
we need to find what kind of blog post marketing?

  • Paid traffic?

  • facebook ads?

  • google adwords?

  • SEO?

  • Offline marketing? -- [You spread the brochure, stick the big stickers at your house window, paint the outside wall of your house with your add, etc, etc]

Suppose you succeed with your facebook ads, google adwords, SEO and offline marketing you did.

Millions of visitors come and read your blog.

And then what?

They clicked your blog and read nothing such as...

the practical solution to solve their problem...

so they just left.

From 10 new visitors you got 12 bounced with 2 second duration at your page.

And you see from millions new visitors clicked, there are only 3 returning visitors to your blog.

Which with your hi-tech ability you knew the ip addresses are from:

  • Your grandma’s desktop

  • Your mom’s laptop

  • Your spouse’s mobile.

Everybody says to make a living from blogging, your blog must have returning visitors,

and the volume of your returning visitors must grow... everyday.

How to get that returning visitors to your blog?

  • Try to evaluate your blog.

  • Re-read your own blog,

  • What kind of blog is it?

  • What is your blog identity?

  • What solution you offer?

Is it a practical solution, or just another wishy washy illusion in the blue sky?

You see, most readers came to your blog for the solutions of their own problems.

And not for just another copy-paste motivational quotes and inspirational quotes.

So, i guess it could be better if you re-read your blog.

Give it a try to refine your blog.

After that, try to schedule your working time to do

  • 90% marketing your blog posts to more specific audience,

  • 10% writing high quality contents.

Post high quality contents for the readers of your 3 returning visitors.
[You know, without 3 returning visitors, there won't be 1 million returning visitors]

Wake up, arise. Set up your own mindset first.

Remember why you wish to do blogging for living.

Which means you are in the business.

And we can not win in business if our mindset are still in blogging for wasting time.

So, give it another try to:

  • Re-read and refine your blog.

  • Write more and more high quality content.

  • Do more marketing your blog posts to specific target audience.

And for that 3 clicks situation,
perhaps it is better to promote via social media of your potential readers.

Today's SEO is much harder than ten years ago,

and it needs around 6 months if your page get ranked well at google search results.

So, keep writing, and happy blogging.

See you at the top of the roof.